Resilient cities - Special issue 18 (2018)

حرر بواسطة ادارة موقع الاستدامة
580زائر شاهد هذا الموضوع على الشبكة While 70% of the world s population will live in cities in 2050, cities today face unprecedented challenges: climate change, natural disasters, health crises, loss of attractiveness, industrial decline, poverty, etc. How can we face these risks and enable cities to meet these challenges? The Veolia Institute, a platform for environmental and societal foresight, brought together various stakeholders (researchers, public authorities, NGOs, companies, etc.) to exchange views and explore the issue of urban resilience and the innovative solutions that cities are deploying to meet these challenges. --- Review coordinated by Mathilde Martin-Moreau and David Ménascé.