What Is Sustainable Development, and Why Is it Important? ماهي التنمية المستدامه ، ولماذا هي مهمة ؟

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http://www.carbonxprint.com/sustainable-development-important/?fbclid=IwAR0f58vMeoobC8vDVw7v20fqMdCTWhvhIJPeAx8LBUSHszfhNPD0Y9kcTLg What Is Sustainable Development, and Why Is it Important ماهي التنمية المستدامه ، ولماذا هي مهمة ؟ Put simply, sustainable development is the act of meeting the needs of today’s generation without negatively affecting the needs of any future generations. We hear the term a lot, especially these days, but what does it mean in practical terms, and why is it so important? In practical terms, it not only makes sense to care about future generations, but it is also the right thing to do. After all, most of us have children and grandchildren, so it is quite natural to care about their futures as well as our own. When it comes to this all-important concept, there is really no such thing as doing too much, because our families will continue to grow and it is only natural to care about their future. The Basics of Sustainable Development Of course, this concept involves much more than simply caring about future generations. It also involves caring for the environment, because after all, we only have one planet to share with people who will be here in the years to come. It is sometimes difficult for us to think about what the planet will look like decades and centuries after we are gone, but considering most of us will have relatives on the planet, it is something we should think about on a regular basis. Many nations throughout the world have come together and developed plans and goals for our sustainable development efforts, and these goals have included things such as: Clean water and sanitation Action on climate issues Clean and affordable energy Getting rid of poverty and hunger Establishing good health and well-being for everyone Responsible production and consumption Making cities and communities more sustainable Promoting economic growth and decent work opportunities Promoting quality education for all Reducing the inequalities between the sexes and sexual orientations Depending on which report you read, there can be other goals as well, but these are by far the most important ones according to most organizations. Many of the goals may sound simple, but in fact, most of the actions we can take to improve sustainable development efforts are the simplest actions of all. The Most Essential Ingredients of Sustainable Development Many experts have agreed that when it comes to this topic, there are three main areas on which we need to concentrate. These three areas are: 1. Sustainable economic development and opportunities 2. Sustainable environmental considerations 3. Sustainable social services of various types In simple terms, the entire concept means that we cannot be sustainable unless we address some important issues, and most of those issues involve the economic, environmental, and social arenas. From making sure that people are healthy and have good jobs, to making sure we do not waste any of our precious natural resources, most sustainability issues fit neatly into one of these categories and are therefore easy to understand. Sustainability and the United Nations In addition to things we can do now, organizations like the United Nations have set forth goals for the future, most recently a plan for the things they would like to see accomplished by the year 2030. These include making sure all people are healthy enough to fulfill their potential in everything they do, protecting the planet from degradation, fostering and supporting peaceful and all-inclusive societies everywhere, and making sure that all technological, social, and economic progress can occur without harming nature. Essentially, the countries that make up the United Nations believe that all people should have the opportunity to fulfill their goals and needs, be prosperous and healthy, enjoy excellent health and employment opportunities, and grow as people in a way that makes sustainable development more than just a phrase. The UN believes that its goals can be easily accomplished while at the same time respecting and taking care of the environment. In fact, many people consider these goals essential parts of accomplishing the goal of protecting our environment, and it is easy to understand why. Can We Really Accomplish All of This? Of course, many people wonder how the UN expects all of these goals to be reached, particularly since each country is responsible for its own economic and social development. Most official plans encourage the countries to commit to doing certain things and working towards certain goals, which is the only way all of these things will work. It is a never-ending, continuous process that cannot be finished overnight, but organizations like the UN believe that if we all work together towards our goals, our efforts at sustainable development can eventually be accomplished. Obviously, these goals can seem complex and difficult to achieve, but in reality most of them are based on fairly basic presumptions, and of course, one of the reasons why the year 2030 was chosen is because all of the countries realize that it will take some time for everyone to get on board with these goals. The concepts of the goals are quite simple, but the UN realizes that the implementation of the goals could take some time to develop. However, the overall concept is a good one, and one which most countries agree is the right thing to do. Some Final Thoughts The area of sustainable development is not necessarily a complex one, but it is filled with a lot of attainable goals that will definitely make a difference in the lives of future generations. Whether it is concentrating on making sure all people earn a liveable wage, or recycling so that we can help save the environment, every effort we choose to participate in is an important one. Furthermore, since more and more people are jumping on the “small carbon footprint” bandwagon, it is easy to see how – if we continue to all come together – most of our sustainability efforts will produce results in the end. Anyone who would like additional information on sustainability efforts and the UN’s important 2030 goals can begin the search on the Internet, where a plethora of information is available for all who are interested.