Sustainability indicators reflect key trends in the environment, social systems, economy, human well-being, and quality of life. In short, they measure what counts to people . The attractiveness of indicators is that they can capture key aspects of local conditions and assess the congruence between ongoing development processes and community goals and make this information accessible to decision makers and residents. Indicators can play several important roles in promoting, implementing, and monitoring neighborhood sustainability. Many studies have addressed the issue of urban sustainability indicators in the various countries of the world and put many of these indicators, in an attempt to find a balance between economic ,social, and environmental factors and commensurate with those countries. But the Iraqi cities lacked of such studies, which led to the existence of a knowledge gap in identifying indicators of urban sustainability for city level or residential neighborhood level, so the objectives of this research was as follows: ? extrapolation of previous studies on urban sustainability indicators for residential neighborhood in different parts of the world. ? select group of sustainability indicators at the level of residential neighborhood (economic ,social, and environmental indicators) due to some criteria, so that can be applied in assessing the sustainable performance of residential neighborhood in the Iraqi city . So, group of indicators has been selected and through Interviews with a group of local planning multidisciplinary experts by making cycles of in-depth dialogue. Keywords: Urban sustainability indicators , Neighborhood sustainability indicators, (economic ,social, and environmental indicators

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